#VerticalSlice S02E25 #HireAnton

In which we chat the then-recent, OffWorld-related #HireAnton.

This was our most challenging episode to date (I start blubbering about half way through). It was inspired by the fact that with Leigh Alexander’s public dissing and lying about me, I discovered that one of the cats who joined in the chorus was none other than my former friendly acquaintance and my brother’s still-best friend Toby Fee.

The irony of Fee is that he initially claimed that he didn’t know me, but I have not only pictures of him at my grandmother’s memorial (seated with my brother), but I also have pictures of him sitting next to me at my wedding rehearsal dinner (which he was not invited to).


The second irony is that though he’s been involved in so-called anti-harassment rhetoric, he’s done the following:
1. After I told him on Twitter that I was done (speaking to him), he continued to tweet at me.
2. He then sent me a friend request on Facebook (because yeah, I was gonna add him after he’d shit on me in public).
3. He then sent me a message request and message, which I’ve still not read.
4. With the publication of the YouTube video of this episode, he left several comments, which I’ve still not read.
A lot of unwanted, continued contact from a guy who claims to be against harassment.

~ by Anton A. Hill on September 4, 2016.

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