#8BIT diary

8-BIT has been what I like to call a complete, miserable failure. I suppose it’s not that miserable as I’m not that miserable about it, but the degree to which it’s been a failure I find kinda pathetic which is similar to miserable.

I got some great feedback and one of the most compelling things about this feedback was that it conmpletely confirmed everything I’d suspected. I guess this is good as it also confims that I’m getting better at self-assessment, but it also just led to the conclusion that after two very thorough rewrites, the script is really no better than when I started. And I heard a long time ago at AFI that if you haven’t written something pretty decent within six months (of writing every day for hours each day), then you’re doing some worng.

I did something wrong.

It’s too bad, too, as it was all about video games, a love letter to them, and yet it just didn’t work as a story. I think that was sort of the problem to begin with. I started with a desire to tell a story somehow in the world of games, but that’s just a setting. I tried to figure out a love story within that framework and I think, at times, I did a pretty good job. I tried to do a story about an old rivalry resolving. That didn’t work out so well. I tried to do a story of a guy realising he had no talent in something but being okay with that anyway. It just didn’t come together.

And I’m okay with that.

Which is the biggest sign to me that it never worked in the first palce. Had it, I’d probably feel like I need to go back and make it work. And I don’t.

My only real regret is there are a couple of bits that I always really loved. And I don’t know that I can salvage any of them. That’s a little sad. But then if I added all the little unsalvagable bits from projects over the years, I’d have an OED worth.

So long, 8-BIT. You were fun while you lasted.


~ by Anton A. Hill on September 17, 2013.

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