#8BIT diary

So I’m now back in the saddle on this one too. I’ve re-read about half-ish of it to see where it stands. The good news is there’s a lot of great things in there, some which made me laugh out loud. Yes, I wrote it so that’s patting myself, but keep in mind that I haven’t read it in months.

The bad is there’s some pretty big structure issues. You know the kind. Why does the antagonist do that? Why would the hero do this? That sort of stuff. I think I’m working through it, though.

And the writing schedule has changed. Now it’s basically Novel Mondays, Screenplay Tuesdays, Novels Wednesdays, Screenplay Thursdays, and Whatever Fridays. Plus weekends.

I hope to have a good draft of this project done in a few weeks. Guess we’ll see.


~ by Anton A. Hill on January 11, 2013.

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