#slumber diary or How I Spent My Summer

This is the first, and possible last, entry in the Slumber diary series. What’s Slumber? It’s a project I conceived a while back inspired by a great little contained thriller I saw. At the time, Slumber seemed like a great idea (and still does), yet, after two major, intense rewrites, the last one occupying two full months of my summer, I’ve come to realize I need to start over completely from scratch.

It’s very disheartening. At first, all I had was a one-sentence pitch, which I won’t share here. But, it was so simple and easy to understand, that I got someone on board to help me develop the story and then be willing to take it to possible interested parties once the script was ready.

Did I say, “script was ready”? Yep. I did. And that was one of the biggest problems I faced with this project. I wrote it pretty quickly after outlining minimally (a giant mistake I try to avoid now). I was really eager, very arrogant, and once the script landed in a few hands…

Nobody cared.

Not that nobody cared, but the reaction was essentially, good writing, cool story, but…


It took me a while to be honest enough with myself to realize that I’d simply dropped the ball. I was so eager to get it out there and be praised that I didn’t do the work I needed to do to make it
praiseworthy. What would that have taken? Not sure. But what I do know was that the market never lies. If you have a great script, a truly original, unique, interesting, and well-told story, even if it’s left field and crazy, if you did your job, people respond.

So today I’m here to say that I’m exhausted with this project, it’s possibly been my greatest failure as a writer in terms of what I expected vs. what I created vs. what it’ll take to fix.

I guess I”m just glad that I (finally) figured it out.


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 8, 2012.

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