#OmegaHouse diary

I finished my draft a few weeks ago and sent it out for feedback. The good news is I did a pretty good job. Pretty good. But some of the feedback I got reflects a perennial problem of mine. I always make things over-complicated and always have to then go back and simplify. It’s REALLY irritating that I keep doing this. But I do, so I then have to clean up my messes.

I also missed every contest deadline I was shooting for. This is for the best, however, as I’d rather not waste my money on contests that may reject my work anyway.

I’m not sure when I’ll get to rewriting the script as I’m at the tail-end of an unrelated rewrite that’s taken me fucking weeks. But, I hope to get to this one very soon. I mean, shit, the genre and its trappings may only be desirable for a limited time.


~ by Anton A. Hill on May 21, 2012.

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