#OmegaHouse diary

I made it through the first pass and second. I missed the PAGE deadline by a couple of days, unfortunately. But I’m glad I didn’t send in what I had. Why?

  1. I made the giant mistake of separating my two leads for a quarter of the story. Had to go back and rewrite to change that.
  2. I made the smaller, but still big, mistake of having my main guy save a minor character, not an established major character. Didn’t even realize this mistake until I was writing a third act line where the main villain refers to this and, as writing it, I thought, wait a minute, why would the main guy do that? That was easier to go back and change.

Then I had quick notes pass wherein I changed very small, but important details or kept track of them or kept them consistent. I’ve already gotten some great feedback. The biggest beef?

1st act = too slow.

That one surprised me as I was sure that I’d made it as brisk as possible. No so. I’ve already gone back and cut unnecessary stuff that I swore was necessary. Oops.

Still waiting on two full opinions by trusted opinionated, but I’ll hopefully make the Nicholl deadline. If not, there’s still Shriekfest and others.


~ by Anton A. Hill on April 26, 2012.

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