#OmegaHouse diary

I finally finished act two and now I’m deep into act three. I’m hoping to have it finished by today, but that may not be realistic considering my other obligations. If not today, definitely tomorrow.

The shitty part is I most likely won’t make the PAGE deadline. I haven’t checked when it is because it’ll drive me nuts, but I’m almost certain it was this week. Maybe even Monday. If I miss it, no big deal. There are other contests and avenues, I just wanted to give it a try.

I might’ve already finished had I not had so much to do over the weekend. That and the final sequence of the second act is almost entirely action (read: description), so it takes a long time to write, takes a lot more effort than dialogue (what with coming up with interesting, logical ways to describe things), and takes up a lot less space than dialogue.

I mean, shit, if this were a Sorkin script, I’d be done by now. That motherfucker is lean! (No, I’m not comparing myself to The Man ™ except in the fact that The Social Network is a very sparse script.)

So I’m almost done and then it’s off to read it over, pass it to others to read, and maybe get it to somebody.


~ by Anton A. Hill on April 3, 2012.

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