untitled #horror diary

I’ve started something new. I was inspired by a sub-plot of the story of Jason and the Argonauts. The sub-plot was a detail in a documentary I saw recently. It really jumped out at me and I pretty much exclaimed, “Know what’d be a cool movie? The modern version of that!” Within minutes, I had the story. Within a couple of weeks, I had the outline.

Yes, you read that correctly. Outline.

For anyone who knows me even slightly, they know that I’ve always resisted outlines. The primary reason is it’s more work. The secondary is I’ve almost always deviated from them. Not even slightly. More like almost entirely. But, in recent years I’ve been learning that though I may have some skill at this, one of the big mistakes I’ve been making is:

  1. Conceive an idea,
  2. write it in a script without figuring out if it truly works,
  3. realizing it doesn’t work, but committing anyway,
  4. attempting to shoe-horn the not-great idea in continuous rewrites,
  5. and getting negative feedback because the script ends up not working.

So this time, I thought, “Fuck it. I’m gonna outline.” I made a bunch of mistakes. I came up with a bunch of dumb ideas. I had to constantly go back and simplify. It was kind of frustrating. But what was freeing was I hadn’t yet committed to anything. I hadn’t written one page of script, so if it turned out an idea didn’t work, it wasn’t even in the script yet! I hadn’t committed to anything!

After going over the outline a bunch, then handing it off for at least one professional opinion and rewriting it some more, I’ve finally started writing the script.

Six pages in. Hopefully, this’ll be much easier and it’ll reflect in the script.


~ by Anton A. Hill on March 12, 2012.

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