#condolences diary

Back on the clock. Past the mid-point, with much more to go. Advice has been consistent. First finish, then go back and edit, no matter how long the first, unedited draft is. So that’s what I’m doing. I add about a page or two a week, so it’ll likely take months and months. I’m also concerned that certain details, through-lines, etc. either won’t be clear or won’t be consistent. And the difference between that happening in a screenplay and that happening in a first draft novel manuscript is in the screenplay, the most pages there could possibly be is 120. In a novel, I’m already past the 450 mark. I guess there is search and replace or similar functions.

I think my primary goal of the second draft, beyond any general rewriting for clarity or improvement, will be simply to cut. And while that may be difficult, in my experience, it’s really pretty straight forward.


~ by Anton A. Hill on March 12, 2012.

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