condolences diary

Mid-point. That’s approximately where I am. I’m no longer judging by page numbers as I’ve switched to Scrivener and that information isn’t immediately apparent (and if it is, I haven’t noticed it). At last glance, it was past 275, so I’m guessing it’s around 300. I’m also not judging by word count because, like square footage in homes, I just can’t conceptualize it. All I know is that 1,000 words is double 500, but when thinking in terms of pages, I can’t make the leap.

I’m judging by story structure and I’m about half way through the story. Of course this is just my 1.5 pass, but still it’s nice to have a half-finished, unedited manuscript where as months ago, I had nothing. Yay for me!

Two struggles remain. One is writing the second half as it’s obviously taken me a while to write the first. I’m honestly not at all looking forward to how long it’ll take. I’m guessing half of ’12 will be gone by the time I have a semi-edited draft.

The other thing is the editing. I don’t think what I’ve written so far is perfect. But I’m also not counting enough problems. This is something I’ve faced in my screenwriting as well. Some people I know are so much better at self-assessment than I seem to be. So while I should be thinking “Oo, better take care of that,” I’m not noticing too much where I should. This tells me that I’m deluding myself that the manuscript is good. The problem with this is I’ve felt falsely confident with screenplays in the past, sent them out, and well, either nothing happened or lots of negative feedback came back. So I’m not entirely sure how confident I am in my self-assessment in rewrites.

I guess that’s where anyone who wants to read and give me feedback comes in.

Next up, I’m probably gonna do a combination of continuing on the book while also rewriting scripts and writing new ones. I’m thinking one day for each, or something like that. I dunno. Don’t know what I’m doing.


~ by Anton A. Hill on January 6, 2012.

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