condolences diary

Back in the saddle. I don’t know when last I touched the manuscript, but it’s been months. I’m now writing on Google docs because, after upgrading to Mac OS X Lion and not realizing that any pre-Lion apps I had that weren’t designed for Lion wouldn’t work, those apps didn’t work.

That’s right. Word, Excel, etc. don’t work on my iMac. I’ve checked out prices and no, it won’t break the bank, but I simply don’t feel like dropping $100 or so on basic software that I was used to having.

The nice thing about Google docs is that its experience is almost identical to that which I would’ve had with Word. The shit part is that since it’s all on-line, I don’t have an instant copy on my HD. Just makes me a little nervous with the constant “Saving…” status updates. I’m almost waiting for that status to read, “Deleting because server went down. Sorry. Our bad.”

I’m also a little disappointed that, on Google docs, the page count isn’t what it was before. I was sure I’d written 230 or so pages. Not so much.


I’m also a little annoyed that at the supposed point in the book where I’m at, I not only have all that I’ve written to go, but probably all of that again. Basically, I’m between a quarter and a third of the way through. Bleh.

But I wrote a couple of pages today and yesterday. That’s how I got past the 200 page mark. More soon.


~ by Anton A. Hill on November 16, 2011.

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