8-BIT diary

Rewriting per notes. I’m actually changing a few things in this draft. I realized that my protagonist was reactive rather than active in a few key places. I also realized that a couple of set-ups and pay-offs weren’t as well constructed as they could be. Another note was that my antagonist wasn’t as strong as he could be. The problem with that last one is there’s no quick and easy way to fix that. You just have to kind of experiment. The plot stuff is usually just a cut-and-dry issue.

I’m also finding a lot of little places where I feel that, for example, the dialogue isn’t strong enough. Or one thing really specifically, I feel like some of the characters don’t have distinct enough voices. And then there are a few places where I feel there could be more interesting detail. One of the big things I took away from Killing on Carnival Row and Snow White and the Huntsman were both uses (much more so in the former than the latter) of really
well-chosen details that vividly and visually described the worlds they were creating. Granted, both of those are fantasy adventure scripts and mine is indie comedy, but I think the point can still be addressed.

No idea at this point how long this rewrite will take. I’m guessing about a week if I work at this pace, which I may or may not be able to do.


~ by Anton A. Hill on August 25, 2011.

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