condolences diary

Page 221. This is a tiny milestone as I just got through a difficult part of the story. I’d been fearing it, but kind of like swimming in the ocean in the Bahamas, once you dive in, you realize it’s not only not so bad, but probably the nicest, warmest, bluest water you’ve ever seen in your frickin’ life.

This was not that good.
But it’s great to have it done.

One of the things I’ve been realizing through this first-draft writing process, which I should have understood very well by now, is that the material based closer to fact is really hard to work with. I keep thinking, but that didn’t happen, or, it didn’t happen like that, and I have to constantly remind myself that what really happened or not doesn’t fucking matter. Consequently, the material closer to entirely made up is so much more fun and interesting to take on and to edit.

I expect I’ll be done with the current chapter pretty soon. Then another big chapter with a different character. Then to the point I’ve been waiting for this whole time. The characters meet.


~ by Anton A. Hill on April 22, 2011.

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