condolences diary

Son of a bitch. Last weekend, my intention was to break the 200 page mark. Then I told myself, that’s okay, I’ll break it during the week. Didn’t happen. Then, I told myself, no problem, do it over the weekend. Well, the fiancee and I had stuff to do, not the least of which was our two-year anniversary. Didn’t happen. So tonight I finally sat down and wrote some pages. I was so close. Sooo close!


It’s like being late to the Last Supper. No, no. Of course not that dramatic, but I’m pretty annoyed that I’m so close to 200 and yet two whole pages away. And I’m basically at a stopping point tonight, so I’m not gonna get through those two more pages.

I’m also at a bit of a crossroads. With the one character’s narrative I’ve been working on tonight, it’s reached a turning point where things will change significantly. The other two characters, though, I haven’t reached that point yet. I’m not sure what my point is in pointing all this out. Maybe I’m just saying that I thought it’d be one place, but I’m not, and I thought I’d go another place, but I won’t.

Still so much easier and fun than screenplays.


~ by Anton A. Hill on April 11, 2011.

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