condolences diary

I just hit page 173 and finished a “chapter.” It’s a behemoth. 65 pages. I’m positive I’m doing something wrong. The previous “chapter” was less than half that. I’m also concerned that my three main characters aren’t equally interesting. This is especially disturbing as only two are purely made up. Well, not entirely true. One is entirely made up, one is partially based on real stuff, and the final is mostly based on real stuff. I’ve even given thought to cutting the final one, but I feel that his aspect on the story is very important. Which now leads me to think that maybe I should write him much more loosely than I have been so far. They say the difficulty with writing about something too personal is you tend to treat fact as more important than story. You tend to protect it. I’ve done this enough times that I know I’ll be willing to ditch fact in service of story, but I’m not sure when or how I’ll be willing to do so.

I’m also a little concerned that with the sheer volume issues of novels, I’m losing track of each character’s voice and their storylines’ details. Like, did Character X say he liked this or that? Obviously, all of this can be taken care of in editing, but I’m already not dealing with the amount of rereading I’ll have to do.

Next up is a new chapter. I’m not sure where I want to go with it, so it might be really short, or another behemoth.


~ by Anton A. Hill on March 30, 2011.

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