condolences diary

I’ve just barely passed the 160 mark. What I mean is the page number at the bottom of the current page is 160, but the text is only like three lines. And I’ve now hit some structural problems.

What a pisser.

One thing is I’ve realized that I’ve either completely forgotten about characters I’ve established or I’ve neglected to mention characters that probably should be included. And then there are some
plausibility issues. One character does some things that I
instinctively feel might be a lot for a reader to swallow. I’m not sure since I’ve never written a novel before, but I figure trusting my instinct is better than not. The only problem with that last one is that there are certain things I need to do with the actions he’s taking. Basically I need to find a balance between too few actions and too many. I’ve already made some notes [in brackets] to worry about later when I edit.

So for now I’m trudging ahead and not worrying about structural or any other issues and leaving notes for later. I remain confident that I mgith be able to polish off a first draft by summer. Though I don’t kow how long an edit would take.


And I’ve got at least one new project that I need to start working on soon.


~ by Anton A. Hill on March 23, 2011.

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