condolences diary

102, bitches! 102 (oh yeah!)!


In case you hadn’t realized, I’ve now written one hundred and two pages of prose in my debut novel condolences.

I have a confession to make.

Probably around two of those pages are plagiarized.

From me.

Material I wrote for a completely different purpose I figured, hey, why re-invent the wheel when the Sumerians did a perfectly god job the first time?

My point in pointing out my plagiarism is that I kinda feel like I’ve only written 100 pages despite the 102 page count.

Sigh (of relief). This feels awesome. I’m a third or a fourth through the manuscript.

One small problem, though.

If we’re to go by the quarter theory of screenplays, wherein the first act length is half that of the second act length, and so in the case of a standard screenplay of 120 pages, the first act is 30 pages, the first half of the second half is also 30 pages, and so on, then if we assume that the entire book is 400 pages, my first act break should’ve come by now.

It hasn’t.

•Looks suspiciously from side to side•

I’m not worrying about it. As the fiancée pointed out, it’s a vomit draft. Fixing shit comes in the editing.

102! Oh yeah!


~ by Anton A. Hill on February 14, 2011.

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