condolences diary

After much pointing and tisking of fingers on my fiancée’s part, I’ve finally double-spaced.


Oh yeah. Closing in on 100 pages. It’s flowing right out of me when I have the opportunity to sit down and make it do so. (See that? I said “flow” and then “make it”, which is a contradiction whereas if something flows, one doesn’t have to make it do so.) It’s also turning out to be a very organic process. Sure, I’ve written notes to myself and have a basic outline guiding me, but in most cases when I’ve sat down to write a chapter/section, the actual execution often turns out very different from what I’d intended. So far, I haven’t minded the “changes.” This all having been said, since it’s been so easy, I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

Which brings me to another minor point the fiancée brought up. It seems there are certain formatting conventions that I may not be aware of. And apparently, it’s a mssive butt-pain to go back and make those changes. I’m not entirely clear on what these conventions are, so right now I’m blithely ignoring what might inevitably turn out to be a completely avoidable ass-pain.

Onward. I hope to have 100 pages very soon. I hear it’s smooth sailing from there.


~ by Anton A. Hill on February 10, 2011.

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