Grimm diary

At long, long last I finished the 1st draft. I took care of just about all the problems that I could think of. What a gigantic pain in the rear that was. But I finished it and have since sent it off the The Readers ™. One’s already gotten back to me with many notes. The good news is they’re all pretty straight-forward fixes, as in I don’t need to totally reconceive anything. At least not yet. The 2nd reader is finishing up this weekend.

It looks like what I may have is a fun, summer popcorn flick on my hands. Once I finish the next round of rewrites, we’ll see if I can send it out, get responses, garner interest and all that. If not, oh well. At most I hope to sell it. But I don’t expect that. At least I hope to have a strong sample that will get me meetings. The next few weeks will tell.


~ by Anton A. Hill on February 3, 2011.

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