Grimm diary

Piss, moan, piss, piss, moan, moan, and moan.

I just finished revising the rest of the 2nd act. And when I say “revising”, I of course mean changing little things here and there, checking the notes I’d previously made, and generally whining to myself that I don’t have a fucking clue what to do to make this a decent script.

It all seemed so simple. A story about the Grimm tales being true. How hard could it possibly be?


The biggest problem at the moment is I have one character who’s a sounding board for the main character, but who disappears for a significant chunk of time. Why? Because I couldn’t fucking figure out what to do with him!

I then have this other character, an antagonist if you will, who appears at the beginning of Act 2, then disappears for almost the rest of Act 2, right up until the end.

For a while I thought of cutting the first character I mentioned. But not only do I like him, I think it’s a good idea to have a sounding board for the main character.

The antagonist I also thought of cutting. I may still. But I want there to be SOMEBODY who doesn’t like and gets in the way of the main character!

I’ve also thought of combining the two characters, but it just doesn’t feel right.

Oh, and the 2nd act, as written, is about ten fucking pages too long.


The only concrete decision I’ve made since my latest “revision” is that the sounding board character stays throughout. That’s it. That’s all I’ve fucking decided.

The good news is there really are a lot of good bits and some great potential for the rest of the bits. As with all rewriting, I just need to keep working over it, cutting what is unnecessary, and condensing what is.

Speaking of unnecessary, I have two cop interrogation scenes. At first, I thought it’d kind of be a fun running gag, but then not only did I realize that the gag runs only TWICE, but also that I hate cop interrogation scenes, hate cops (in movies–not in real life), and that at least the second scene doesn’t really add anything. And as any screenwriting 101 book will tell you, if it adds nothing, chop it!

What next? I guess go back through and find appropriate places in which to stick the sounding board guy. Oh, and of course finding shit to cut.

Stupid, goddamn high-concept, hard-to-write supernatural thriller!

Piis, moan, pissy, piss moan!


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 25, 2010.

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