Grimm diary

Partly in an effort to drown my recent woes of not winning anything in PAGE and also not holding a manager’s attention past page 40 of either PRECIPICE or the other project, I’ve taken up the reigns on GRIMM again.


The 1st half I’d say is about 2nd draft. That is it’s more than a string of ideas and space-occupying dialogue, but it’s not the tightly written text that you’d find in something other of mine like BEYOND THE PRECIPICE or THE INVESTMENT.

The 2nd half… oh my. I was working on the script last night and I found that the 2nd half still has quite a bit of material that is just extraneous. And some of it also has some internal logic issues.

My AFI screenwriting teacher, Seth Winston, once told us that if in the process of writing a script, we hadn’t come up with something good in six months, we were doing something wrong. Granted, he later clarified that this was six months of working on the script all day every day, but his words have haunted me ever since this past September rolled around and I’m now PAST a year since I started hashing out Grimm.

No matter. I hate not having things done, so I’m gonna finish this fucker no matter what, but I’m not at all clear on when.

And once I am done, I have no clue what I’ll do with it.


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 21, 2010.

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