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What a bum week! PRECIPICE doesn’t win anything in PAGE (more on that in a sec) and I just last night got a pass from another manager. The real pisser with this manager is that I had a very personal
recommendation. That’s obviously no guarantee, but I have to admit I was hoping to at least meet the guy.

What I was told:

“[He] read 40 pages each of [one project] and BEYOND THE PRECIPICE, and although he thought the writing was solid, ultimately felt it wasn’t for him. He told me he was on the fence about both samples, and at this time, didn’t compel him enough to want to pursue possibly signing you.”

40 pages of each.



For anyone who doesn’t know, the point at which a screenplay really gets going is usually around page 30. In the case of the one project, that’s absolutely true. In the case of PRECIPICE, it’s actually almost half through the script. That means this guy made it just out of the gate on the one project and a little bit further with PRECIPICE. Since those points in those stories aren’t terribly far in, this basically amounts to one thing.

He hated the stories.

I don’t mean where they ended up. I mean he hated the basics. The set up. I lost him before I ever really had him.

Two things. One is that he is of course welcome to his opinon and if he wasn’t into them, that’s fine. There are tons of famous movies I’m not at all into and I don’t make it past about minute 20. I’m just disappointed that the stories I was telling couldn’t hold his interest. The other thing is that he put them down without finishing. Again, totally his right. No requirement to read them all the way through. Just a little disappointing. I’m pretty proud of both endings.

“Now, he said he would certainly be interested in reading additional samples, and any new projects we come up with, but for him, these didn’t blow him away.”

This is a very, very common thing in town. Someone reads your shit, totally HATES it, but avails him or herself to further torture. I suppose the major reason for this is that they figure that if you got into their hands, you’re probably good enough to get into someone else’s hands and even though they hate you, they don’t necessarily want to cut themselves off from grabbing you when they still have a chance, as in before you make a huge sale or deal. In my experience, though, the gesture is very insincere. I’ve submitted and been submitted to dozens of managers and agents over the years and what I’ve found is that once they pass, that’s it. Forever.

Didn’t blow him away.

I’ve heard that before. Sigh. Stupid subjectivity. What I mean by that is I clearly blew PAGE, S’palooza, S’fest, and Fade In away enough to either win or be a finalist in their contests. And in each of those cases there were rounds of readers/agents/managers/producers who were reading, so it wasn’t even the contest coordinators I was blowing away, but rather their judges. (Of course I didn’t blow any of them away enough to get signed by their judges or by anyone those contests recommended me to or by anyone who read those scripts based on those placements.)

Not enough blowing.

I will of course take up the opportunity of future submission because, shit, a read is a read, but I’m going to do my job this time and, as someone pointed out, not expect anything.

40. Fucking 40. Couldn’t make it past 40?? ARG! …Alright. I’m calm. I’m good.

Regarding PAGE, now that the contest is over, I’ve gotten 0 updates from the folks over there and have gotten 0 additional requests for PRECIPICE. I’m thus assuming that that’s it. The one request I did get is awesome, but I think it’s also the end.

I totally forgot to mention the good news… which I’m not going to go into, but there is some very cool news. Stay tuned.


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 20, 2010.

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