Fade In Magazine appears to be checking in on me.

So I was looking at my stats for no good reason. I saw I had a few more hits than usual. I clicked on the day to see who had stopped by. One of the referrers, as in a link on another site on which someone clicked to get to mine, was this:


That’s truncated. I clicked on it in opening a new tab and happened upon a log-in page to a (presumably internal) web mail server.


The domain name “fadeinonline.com”, an internal server, specifically an internal web mail server? Seems to me that a link to my recent post about Audrey’s and my comments to each other had been included in an internal e-mail message at Fade In. In which case…

Hi Audrey et al.! Any response to my MovieBytes response, or more silence?

No, I don’t honestly expect to ever hear from her or anyone else at Fade In directly or indirectly. Nor do I ever expect to place in another of their contests. Chuckle.


~ by Anton A. Hill on September 20, 2010.

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