Grimm diary

I recently reached the end of Act I in rewrites. I think it’s on page 28. 2 big issues are 1 that I have my own rewrite issues I’m trying to address and 2 that I’ve received development notes from a company that may (and that’s a BIG “may”) be interested in the script. I’m looking at the notes as a free consultation and am incorporating them as best I can. The trouble is that a couple of the notes, though good and right on with problems I’m having, have no solution, so I have to figure that out. I have no idea how long this shit’ll take as I’ve also commenced work on a webisode series bible. At least I’m being handsomely compensated for all of this, right? Right? Am I right, people?? Hello??


~ by Anton A. Hill on February 26, 2010.

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