Grimm diary

I finally got back into Grimm. As I’ve said over and over, I hate first drafts, but I love rewriting. Why? Because the hard part’s done. All I have to do is change it. Sure, there are those who say it’s more fun to create, to put stuff on a blank page. i say that’s bunk. Let me edit any day.

I rewrote the opening sequence. It was 7 pages. Now it’s 6. All I did was streamline the sequence to make it less clunky. But less clunky is good. It’s still surprising to me how often I use extraneous dialogue. And the thing of it is, when I 1st write it, some part of my brain must think it’s not extraneous, otherwise I wouldn’t have written it in the 1st place. But there I am, reading this line and that and thinking, this isn’t necessary. Then I cut it.

Of course the process won’t be this easy much longer. From the time that I wrote the 1st words to now, I’ve made many decisions and changes. That means I have a lot to work on. In fact, from about the middle of the script on, it’s more chunks of action and dialogue just lying there, with little throughline, as I, at the time, wasn’t sure how I wanted everything to go down. Now I’ll have to make it all coherent. So, I’m pretty sure that the time I spent last night on 7 pages, I may spend easily next time on 5 or even 1.

At this pace, I have no idea how long it’ll take me to write the 2nd draft. I hope not much more than a month. Guess we’ll see.


~ by Anton A. Hill on February 18, 2010.

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