KRAZ with a Z Part II: Return of Z (both parts)

Here’s the deal. 1st part of the recent developments appears to be at a stand-still. Sure, I was hoping for at least a meeting. Sure, I’d spoken directly with the person in charge, but my reps have gotten no response… yet. I’ve learned at this point in my life to not expect anything. This may sound like cynicism, and it easily can become that, but it’s really the only emotional option available. Otherwise, as I have done in the past, I could get all wrapped up in this 1 company, what they think of my work, what they think of me, etc. and that would lead to nowhere, because hey, the 1st time isn’t always the yes. Just ask George Lucas. So, for now stand-still and I don’t care.

2nd part is more nebulous. Things are happening, but very, VERY slowly. And there are many factors involved that are in the least beyond my control. What I can say in this case, and in general, is that It’s all bullshit until the check clears. Period.

Given the above, I think KRAZ with a Z Part II: Return of Z has effectively concluded until further notice.

But hey, there can always be a KRAZ with a Z Part III!


~ by Anton A. Hill on February 12, 2010.

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