I just got another message as to the latest update. There have been a couple of rounds of producer and management requests for scripts of S’palooza. I knew that I’d not been requested as Mark Andrushko hadn’t contacted me personally. But I still wanted to see who was being requested and how often. The obvious had happened. The grand prize, top 3, and runners up had all been requested numerous times. A few finalists (my level) were also repeatedly requested. But the 1 thing I noticed was that among us unrequested were very few. I’m guessing non-scientifically about 5. So I’m not the ONLY 1 not being requested, but I’m 1 of the very few who hasn’t been.

So much for that revised logline.

I guess no one’s interested in revenge stories no matter how watered down the specifics are!

Interestingly, 1 company who has requested scripts of the contest I had queried independently. They’re supposedly reading it now. If I’m nice, I’ll tell Mark about it so he can add it to the roster. Eh… if I get around to it.

6 more months to go for S’palooza to have made any difference at all to me. (Stupid logline!)


~ by Anton A. Hill on January 12, 2010.

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