I love this:


My attorney alerted me to this. Fucking amazing. When you listen to him, he sounds like a junkie. I say junkie for as annoying as they are, they don’t necessarily hurt hundreds or thousands directly through their actions. They get their junk, they get high, they piss on themselves. End of story. But assholes like this ruin financial lives. I’ve been told that ruining a financial life is not the same as ruining a life, but I politely disagree. Imagine some snake oil salesman akin to the above convinces you of what the above convinces you. What if you’re not a multi-millionaire or billionaire? What if you believe it to be a sound investment for your future? And then it’s gone? This is precisely the reason I don’t invest (that and the fact that I’ve never had much expendable income with which to do so). And house arrest? do they afford that privilege to junkies? Ridiculous.


~ by Anton A. Hill on December 11, 2009.

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  1. Is there a link missing?

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