Grimm diary

I was very inspired recently by an idea (someone else’s) I realized I could use to write a feature somehow involving the Grimm Tales. This has been a goal of mine for over 10 years. At 1 point, I thought of doing a feature anthology (think 4 Rooms) with selected tales. I was ultimately unsatisfied with this idea as 1 I’d have to pick the 4 tales I wanted to use and 2 I generally think that anthology features are hard to do well (think 4 Rooms). Very disappointed, I eventually gave up on doing a Grimm feature.

Until now.

With this new idea, I quickly conceived of not only a fun, dark adventurous supernatural thriller, but I also realized it could use many of the elemnts that I’d wanted to use all along, along with some elements unrelated to the Grimm Tales that I’d wanted to use, and, AND it’s possibly the single most commercial story I’ve had to date. (Excluding Burning Atlanta).

I’m on page 7.

And to think that a month ago, I had no idea what next to write. I hope to have a draft of Grimm done by or before Halloween, but we’ll see. That’ll take some work.


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 14, 2009.

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