Po’ ‘Lansky

Roman directed some of the most influential films of the last couple of decades. Roman won an Oscar for The Pianist. Roman freaked us all out with Rosemary’s Baby. Roman should be known as That Polish Guy Who Makes Cool Flicks.

But you drug and rape one minor…

This is 1 of those situations that pisses me off about history and about humans. In college, I heard a rumor that Geoffrey Chaucer very likely raped someone. I also heard that most scholars refused to believe this. You know, how could the father of Modern English ever do something like that?? Or I learned recently that Gandhi was a notorious racist. Or that Mother Teresa was really a cheating, swindling bitch. The concept that most peeople don’t seem to be able to grasp is the idea that 2 things are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Maybe Chaucer did rape some chick. That’s not good, but has no direct effect on his influence over the English language.

Gandhi very likely wasn’t too kind on those of direct African ancestry. That’s not good either, but doesn’t mean that he didn’t also have a profound effect on his nation’s independence from England.

Mother Teresa I’m personally sick of. ‘Nough said.

The point is that just because you’ve done 1 good thing or 1 bad thing, or even a set of them, doesn’t exclude what else you’ve done.

So, Roman did rape a minor. And he also made some classic films. Neither is a substitute for the other. Of course the question now is, should he face the consequences of his actions?


I know, I know. The girl, now woman, forgave him (and got a settlement for an undisclosed sum). But guess what? He still committed a heinous crime. And his victim forgiving him and being paid doesn’t change the fact that he committed a heinous crime. Are we to apply a radically different standard of justice on those who happened to cast Adrien Brody? I hope not. Because it’ll prove that, at least in the United States, the law doesn’t apply to you as long as you’re famous or award-winning enough.

I’m trying to be realistic. If Oprah set fire to a dozen orphanages after locking all the kids inside, filmed it, and, in the video, declared that she hated all orphans, especially the gay ones, let’s face it, the women in this country would forgive her. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t even have to apologize on her show or build another school for girls in Africa. I mean, shit. Look what Mel got away with just for claiming to want to heal “heart wounds” in his interview with Diane Sawyer.

But we’re not talking about Oprah or Mel. We’re talking about a guy who did a terrible thing, was caught and convicted, then, like the slimy cowrad he is, ran away.

You fucked up, Roman. Welcome to Consequences.

(For more on how I feel about this, drop by my other, non-Atheist Asshole, site.)


~ by Anton A. Hill on September 28, 2009.

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