PAGE Awards

Promissory didn’t make the finalist cut. I’m not terribly surprised, especially given how shocked I was that it made it to the Semi-Finalist round. At least the adrenaline rushes are over. Shew! I am a bit disappointed as the story in question is 1 of my personal favorites, but I didn’t honestly think I’d make it this far. The good and bad bit is that PAGE promotes those of us who made it to the Semi-Finalist round, but I have to wait till the winners are announced in a month before that promotion takes place.

And let’s be real. I won 3rd place for comedy in the Fade In Awards and nothing happened. Given, I should’ve promoted myself and didn’t because that’s what Audrey Kelly told me she would do, but whether it was her fault or mine, nothing happened.

So I am a bit non-expectant with PAGE’s promotional efforts. And I mean no disrespect to PAGE. The fact is no one can guarantee any industry interest in even the winners of their contests. so now I’ll just relax and, as Succinctrix often insists, not worry about it.

Next up are Slamdance and Shriekfest. Both are being cryptic on their announcements so I think I’ll just wait for the e-mail.

Sigh. Back to the drawing board.

P.S. You know the weird thing? I knew I wouldn’t make the Finals! Stupid intuition!


~ by Anton A. Hill on September 1, 2009.

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