PAGE Awards

Holy fucking shit. Promissory made it to the semi-finals! For all the reasons I gave before, this is fucking nuts. By all acounts, TCoC:TLOL should’ve creamed Promissory, especially in sci-fi (the category in which Promissory placed). But no, P’s whoopin’ it!

A quick recap for those who don’t know.

1. I first conceived of what became Promissory back in the summer of my junior year at Pitzer when it was brutally hot and I likened my situation to being in some kind of collegiate prison. Overly dramtic, I know.

2. I never wrote anything down. Not a treatment, not a script, not even an idea. I just kept thinking bout the concept.
Post-apocalyptic college. While at AFI, i didn’t even write it, but I wrote a quick 1-page and pitched it. We were all required. The form it had in the pitch still wasn’t what it would ultimately take. People really repsonded to it. Several professionals included.

3. About a year later (I waited to write another, ill-fated project and rewrite a piss-poor piece of crap) I finally wrote it. Oh, and I had pitched the concept to Katy Lim then of The Donners’ Company. Once I wrote it, I sent it to her. She passed, but liked it. Or some shit like that. I also sent it to Maura Teitelbaum of Abrams Artists, who also pissed.

4. Over the years since, I’ve rewritten it and submitted it to various contests (as evidenced by the Projects page). It placed, but never got very far. I rewrote it a couple more times.

5. I gave it to Jeannie a while back. She liked it a lot, but we’ve found few opportunities with which to push it forward.

6. Our time is coming.


~ by Anton A. Hill on August 1, 2009.

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