Nicholl Fellowships

These people hate me. Or rather they hate what I write. And judging by what’s won their competition every single year–drama–they’ll never love me.

I just got the results from my placement of Followers of John (I also entered the investment, but have not yet heard). I didn’t make the quarter cut. That would be approximately 300 out of almost 7,000. So I got the obligatory “good job, but not good enough to move on” message. I also got an explanation, which is good as, I’d compeltely forgotten their process.

So they do 3 rounds of reads for the quarter-finalist round. You get read up to 3 times. If the 1st reader likes your script, you get passed to a 2nd, etc. a P.S. informed me that I made it past the 1st 2, but not past the 3rd. So I made it into the top 1,200? I’m not sure about teh math, but the message informed me not the top 1,000.

I’m both disappointed and baffled, and, though it doesn’t fall under “both”, also kind of impressed. I’ve entered this contest before, though the last time was years ago, and have never made it past 2 reads or at least have not been informed of such. So I’m kinda impressed that I beat out more than double the number of entries that I’ve beat out in previous and concurrent contests. At the same time I really wonder, why not me? The script is good as it’s made it into semi-finalist rounds in 2 other contests. But not good enough for Nicholl? By definition, clearly not. It just fascinates me. And yesm, I’m a bit jealous that Succinctrix beat me.

I don’t expect my the investment results to be different as it’s fared worse in contests than FoJ. But we’ll see if there’s at least a P.S.

Fuck!! I just got the results for the investment. This is even more frustrating. It also made it past the first 2 readers, but ended up “just outside the top 1000.” Just outside?? What the fuck does that mean? 1001?? Ug. So the script I thought would do worse, as it has in other contests, actually did much BETTER than FoJ.

I honeslty think I’ll only enter the fucking NFs 1 more time this upcoming year, with TW and with BtP. And, once I get my PSs from that, that’s it. Fuck ’em. We clearly don’t agree on what a great story should be.


~ by Anton A. Hill on July 28, 2009.

3 Responses to “Nicholl Fellowships”

  1. I have never read your blog before, but have these reactions to the perceived Nicholls slight

    (1) you got positive second level reads on both scripts, that’s pretty cool
    (2) these Nicholl judges are human and aesthetic criteria are inherently subjective, they acknowledge as much themselves
    (3) bitterness is a natural response and supressing it may cause cancer, on the other hand, rage is for losers
    (4) Your talent will result in ultimate vindication

  2. At this moment I am going away to do my breakfast,
    when having my breakfast coming yet again to read more

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