BtP Diary

On page 50. Actually not literally on that page. As with several scripts of recent years, I’ve found that with 1st drafts, I kinda bounce around. I’ll be writing a scene in the 1st act when, suddenly, I think of a great idea (or placeholder for a future idea) somehwere else. In fact, with BtP, I’ve written the entire 1st act, big pieces of the 2nd act, and even bits of the 3rd. And now I’m bouncing around to connect those pieces together.

The single greatest feature Final Draft put into their software in the last 10 years has been the ScriptNote. In fact, I think they put it in more than 10 years ago. Whenever I write anything–a 1st draft, a quick polish of a late draft–I pepper the thing with ScriptNotes. The technology is quite simple. You click on the add button and the place where you last left the cursor now has a little text box in which you type whatever you want. I write shit like “add this” or “change this” or “don’t forget this.” Whatever I need to remind myself of. 1 of the ways I know I’m doing a decent job rewriting is I take care of my ScriptNotes 1 by 1 and eventually they’re all eliminated. I’ts usually soon after this point that I send the script out for comments.

So yes, BtP is a patchwork of 1 act, several scenes, several other bits of information, and lots of notes. And, at this rate, I still hope to have the 1st draft written by August. Ah, but that’s not far off at all. Better keep crackin’.


~ by Anton A. Hill on July 24, 2009.

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