Announcements (cont’d)

So the 2nd announcement I was gonna make the other day, and I’m glad I didn’t, is that 3 of my screenplays, Chronicles of Cho, the
investment, and Promissory, all made the 1st round quarter-final cut in the PAGE Awards. I didn’t announce this before because there was a 2nd round. And only Promissory made that cut. But here are some numbers…

The total entries this year were more than 4,000. All 3 scripts made it into the top 25%. The 2nd round cut the total down to 553. Promissory made it into the top 10%.

And now the thing I don’t get. You were expecting this, no? I truly believe that TCoC:TLOL is not only my best single script, but the whole story, the trilogy, my best story. I don’t just believe this because I’ve spent easily half my life (and I don’t mean adult life, I mean life life) working on it, but because I truly think it’s the best I will have ever done. Every time I’ve refined my skills, I’ve gone over it. I rewrite it, even if only a little, about once a year. Not to re-send to contests, just ’cause. TCoC:TLOL has NEVER placed in a contest higher than quarter. Don’t get me wrong. Quarter’s cool. But it ain’t semi. Not once. Ever. My holiday comedy, The 12 Days of ChanaKwanzMas, which I wrote in about 3 weeks, by the way, placed semi-finalist in the first contest into which I entered it. 3 weeks. Semi-finalist. 16 years. Quarter-finalist.

But that’s not all.

the investment is perhaps a dark story, a difficult story, but it’s a good story. I wrote that at my last day job, in 10-minute increments, mostly during breaks, then re-wrote it under very strenuous
circumstances the likes of which can be found on another blog. I’d say it took 2-3 months to write and rewrite it to the point where I felt ready to enter it into contests. I wasn’t fully expecting it’d kick ass namely because of the 2 above-mentioned factors, but it does have a great story. I’ve mostly sent it out just to see how it’ll do… and it’s done okay so far with a quarter-finalist placement in this year’s Fade In Awards.

Promissory I first had the idea for during college. I won’t go into the whole thing, but let’s just say it was during a harsh, brutally hot summer when I was staying on campus and basically hating life… for that summer anyway. During AFI, I thought of writing it as a feature. I don’t know why I hadn’t yet. I pitched it. People liked it. So, about 2 years later, I wrote it. Akin to TCoC:TLOL, it’s gone through a few drafts over the last few years.

I do have a point.

So, TCoC:TLOL, big epic story about love, loyalty, friendship, failure, betrayal, blah blah blah. Crazy action, awesome set-pieces, hot sex, etc. the investment, hot sex, fucked up psychological shit, and a great payoff. Promissory, great premise, funny shit, good set-pieces, good action.

My question is, why does the clearly big, awesome, amazing movie keep getting panned?? I get it with the investment. Who wants to sit through 2 hours of getting mind-fucked? But adventure? Action? Hot lovin’? Amazing visuals? Hello? Is this thing on??

I’ll take it. I’ll take my additional feather for Promissory’s cap. I just don’t get why Land don’t get no love. That’s all.


~ by Anton A. Hill on July 1, 2009.

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