The word is in.

the investment is “way too dark.”  I was expecting this of course.  Jeannie and I just discussed it briefly.  It’s not the top priority right now so I’m not gonna worry about it, but I clearly will have some work to do as she pretty much said no one would want to watch it without sone redemption.

Fucking redemption.  I totally get it.  American audiences like to be told that life is fair, just, moral, etc.  It’s not America’s fault that I’m in a different situation.

It’s a funny thing too about America.  In Europe, they make depressing, non-life-affirming films all the time.  America no.  And I don’t think American films are bad because of that, I just find that it’s a bit difficult to try to do anything other than “…and everyone lives happily ever after.”

See, the investment was supposed to be a cautionary revenge tale.  Like, do this, get this revenge, and you’re ultimately fucked.  But I may have to turn it into a “do this and you’re fucked… until the sun comes shining through and rainbows come outta your ass.”

The nice thing too is that luckily, the investment isn’t my baby. It’s an idea I’ve had for years which i just waznted to get out of my ssytem, which I now have.  And now that I have, I can focus on how to make it work in a realistic, H’wood way.

Although I have to admit I’m feeling just a touch protective of it.  Not sure why.  I mean, I’ve rewritten The Chronicles of Cho: The Land Once Lost I don’t even know how many times changing I have no clue how many things and that film (and its hypothetical sequels) is definitely my baby.

Anyway.  Just rambling now.  It’s all good.


~ by Anton A. Hill on May 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “The word is in.”

  1. My two cents … keep the investment dark. It may not get major studio play, but one of the smaller studios would be crazy to pass it up. It’s dark, but it is almost architectural in its destructiveness.

  2. Agreed. Can’t be too dark.

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