Just got back

from meeting with Eric.  I just can’t get used to the fact that buses STOP RUNNING in LA at ridiculous times!  I got from West Hollywood to Holywood & Highland just fine.  I got the subway from there to North Holywood just fine.  Then, at Lankershim & Magnolia, I assumed (I know) that the #183 would run, you know, maybe once every half hour.  Nothing crazy, right?  After what seemed like forever, I looked it up on-line.  The line had stopped running at about 8pm.


So I walked from Lankershim & Magnolia to Bob’s on Nagle.  Yes, it was over an hour.  Yes, my feet fucking hurt.  But no, I did NOT want to get a taxi for a fucking 12 minute ride.


Din with Eric was great.  He’s a very cool guy.  And I totally hope to ride his coattails into the games business once he gets his company up and running.  Fingers crossed.

Right before I went in, Jeannie called.  Another gig.  I told her I’d start probably Monday as I’ll be checked out until after the memorial.

Oh, I also spoke briefly with both Davida and Noah.  Seems Noah’s doc will be on HBO soon.  And Davida was at the dentist.  D’oh!

I also got a couple e-mail messages from someone quite interesting.  Hmmm…


~ by Anton A. Hill on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Just got back”

  1. That quite the day…glad to hear your meeting went well.

  2. There you go being all mysterious again…..”e-mail messages from someone quite interesting.”

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