Casino Royale

Just saw it all the way through (I’d attempted to watch it the other night) for the second time.  I really like Daniel Craig as the new Bond.  I’ve never been a gigantic Bond fan, but I’ve always enjoyed the films.  I half-forgot that the love interest dies in the end.  It’s weird, I mean I was aware of the fact as I’d seen it before, but I guess I just put that piece o’ information somewhere else.  When it got to the scene in which the girl dies, I got a bit misty.

That’s right.  I got misty during a Bond flick.  Heh.  I guess mourning pussyfies us all.

Oh, I heard back from Dr. Kent, and in case I haven’t mentioned it, also from Noah.  I’ll call Noah in a bit.  Not really up to it now.


~ by Anton A. Hill on January 7, 2009.

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