I’ve liked this show so far.  I’ve only watched the first disc of the first season.  However, I think it simply wouldn’t work if it weren’t for David Duchovny.  Despite the fact that I never was into The X Files, I’ve always found him really charming.  And clearly too do millions of women.

I was also heavily disturbed by the show and it did, in points, bring on the tears.

Let’s compare:

Californication…                                               My life

stars David Duchovny                                      stars me

Double D is a writer                                          as am I

Double D is financially successful               D’oh!

Double D maintains a blog                             ditto!

Double D gets paid for his maintenance     dit-d’oh!

Double D suffers from writer’s block            dit-no.

Double D is drowning in a sea                       dit-oh!!!  Just kidding.

of pointless pussy                                     I’m neither drowning,

                                                                       nor is it a sea (the 7 [so far] seas?),

                                                                       nor do I find it pointless.

Double D is considered hot by millions        I’m only considered hot by 12

                                                                        if all we’re counting is sex partners,

                                                                        though Double D could not have

                                                                        physically slept with millions,

                                                                        so let’s be fair

                                                                        and call my hotness dozens.

Double D sees no point to life                Nor do I.

Double D has a daughter                       I don’t.

Double D hasn’t suffered a tragic loss           I have.

Okay, so it’s not like I’m watching my life on the iMac screen, but it kind of feels like I am.  And when Double D was about to get it on with his ex, it looked a lot like what I’ve been dreaming about.  So it made me cry a bit.

I think I’ll keep watching ’cause I wanna see if Double D is gonna score with the 16-year-old again.


~ by Anton A. Hill on December 26, 2008.

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