Xmas eve

is officially here.  Gag.  I had this intense dream that I/a soldier had a gangrenous leg.  I don’t know which war it was.  Seemed  a little like Vietnam.  The other soldiers had to adjust my/his leg and clean the wound.  I felt no pain, but he sure as hell did.

Later on, I was in a mansion getting chased by zombies.  This was both reality (in the dream) and a really fancy version of the Resident Evil games.  What I mean by that second part is that it was some kind of unbelievably immersive, VR experience.  The models of everything looked completely real.  Not high-res real, completely real.

I eventually woke up.  Clearly, as I’m typing this.  I think I feel depressed. I’m not sure, really.


~ by Anton A. Hill on December 24, 2008.

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