The Punisher

I saw this last night as I’ve ben on a revenge flick kick.

It sucked.

I can’t tell you exactly why, but it just felt like everyone was phoning it in.  John Travolta was terrible.  And I laughed when, on the commentary track,, the director praised Travolta’s prformance near the end as being chillingly socipathic.

Is wood sociopathic?  Cause that’s what I was watching.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what filled so much damn screen time.  Lots of false attempts on Frank Castle’s life.  Lots of Travolta shouting about wanting Castle dead now dammit!

Another thing that bothered me was the character of Castle and Jane’s performance and the script of Castle’s character.  Now, maybe as a steely cop, he didn’t freak out about his ENTIRE FAMILY being killed, but even Captain Wood Vin Diesel emoted a little upon hearing that his wife had died.  Neither performance I found remotely believable, but Diesel was closer.  And clearly not everyone’s gonna have a crazed freak-fest like I did, but it’s almost impossible to keep that shit stuffed in.  I don’t care how many years on the force you have.  When it’s your family, you freak out.  At least a little.

Oh, and Castle never snaps after his family’s killed.  Never breaks down.  Never cries.  Never does anything but drink and cock his guns.  (Gun his cock??)

And what was that bs with Rebecca Romijn??  If you’re gonna put her in your movie, at least have the hero touch her ass!!  I mean, for fuck’s sake, people!  I know it’s not sympathetic to an American audience to watch the hero fuck some broad who’s not his wife (let alone 6), but not even an ass touch?  Not one grope?  The man’s not only in pain, he’s fucking Bloo-balled!  And if he’s not jerking off, which he didn’t seem to be, he’s doing SOMETHING!  What about the fat guy?  Castle could’ve pumped him and the fat guy wouldn’t have even noticed!

Sigh.  I know I’m ranting.  I’ll stop.  For now.


~ by Anton A. Hill on December 17, 2008.

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