Just finished a couple sessions

of Okami and God of War II therapy.  Okami is such a beautiful game.  And I got back into the groove of it pretty well.  However, at some point, I knew I had a lot of little chunks to go so gave up.  GoW2 I got through quite a bit, even  acouple big puzzles and at least one boss battle that I did NOT think I’d beat my first time through.  Then the big Steeds o’ Time puzzle.  Fuck if that didn’t take me at least half an hour to figure out and then when I did, when I got it, when I was moving along and it went into a cut-scene?

It froze.

The fucking game got stuck.  Was I able to save beforehand?


Arg!!!  So I’ll have to do the fucking Horses o’ Hours puzzle again.  Goddammit.

And not only is one potential friend+ not around to talk, but another isn’t on chat.  Poo.  I think I might have to go sexless for a wee bit.



~ by Anton A. Hill on December 7, 2008.

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