Ug.  So in my effort to fulfill my contract with my pdx counselor, I contacted this guy at who recommended me to someone in the Sherman Oaks area where I’ll be living relatively soon.  This lady, Wanda Beierle, asks if I have any questions.  I say, yeah, how does insurance work and do you do sliding scale?  She asks, how much are you willing to pay?  What?  Um, well, nothing.  I didn’t say that, but I thought it.  I’m sure as fuck not gonna pay $100-$300 an hour for her to tell me, “It’s natural to feel this way.”  She then suggested group counseling.  I poo-pooed that mainly because I don’t wanna hang out with 50-80-year-old widows who whine about Herbert being gone after 50 fucking years of marriage.  She also suggested group loss counseling which would be with people who’ve gone through divorce or break-ups.


Are you fucking shitting me?!?!?!

See, the difference between my situation and a divorce(e)’s is in their case, the partner is STILL FUCKING ALIVE!!!

“oh Yeah,” this woman says.  What?  You hadn’t THOUGHT of that??  What kind of a counselor are you??  I’m certainly not gonna give you $300 an hour if you can’t fathom the difference between losing someone to divorce and losing someone to end-stage liver disease.

For fucking Christ’s sake.


~ by Anton A. Hill on December 3, 2008.

One Response to “Counseling”

  1. Does it help/matter if sometimes we wish our divorce partners WERE deceased?

    Yep, poor taste queen right here. 😉

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