Screw Obama; this is inspiration.

Arg.  Can’t embed.  Well then. Here you go:

I’ve been a Depp fan for about 15 years.  I’ve always known he was a fucking genius.  Every single film of his I’ve seen (most of them), even if I didn’t like the film, I loved his performance.  Always interesting.  Oh, and he’s fucking beautiful.  When Pirates 1 came out, I knew the second I saw him in his silly costume, I was in for a good time.  A good time which even Bruckheimer couldn’t ruin.  (To be fair, I actually really admire Bruckheimer.  Sure, some of his movies are silly, but they get made, make tons of money, he answers to fucking nobody, and gets to do whatever the hell he damn well pleases.  Not bad.)  When Pirates made as much money as it made, I was quite pleased.  When Depp was nominated for an Oscar for his “silly” performance, though I was sure he wouldn’t win, I thought, finally, the Academy is going to get it right for once.

What I love about the above interview is Depp is essentially saying, well, I had a choice.  I could either do it the easy way, what I thought they wanted, what I thought would “work”, or I could do it my way, which, though odd and different, would at least be fun and interesting.

Good on ya, Johnny.  Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.  Now do MY movie!


~ by Anton A. Hill on November 18, 2008.

One Response to “Screw Obama; this is inspiration.”

  1. If Johnny does one of your movies, you had better write in a sex scene with me in it or else I am disowning you as a friend.

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