Another disturbing dream

I dreamt first that there was news that Vice President-elect Joe Biden was the sole survivor of a horrific, possibly terrorist-induced, train wreck on his way home.  Then, I was Joe Biden, on the train, in some sort of panic room, only this was more of a panic cage.  It was a cube of bulletproof plexi with a layer of metal mesh over that.  The bomber or attacker looked  whole lot like Mario Lopez mixed with my ex-boss Sam Gaglani.

So there I was stuck in this cage, and this guy just sorta stared at me and didn’t say much.  I was both scared and relieved as I was in the situation, but I knew that, as the VP, the authorities were coming to rescue me… right?

Then some dumb chick showed up.  I say dumb because this guy was brandishing a gun, waving it around, and this woman just lollygagged with no real regard for the guy’s armed status.

Somehow the cage was opened.  I don’t remember how it happened.  Probably automatic or soemthing.  The next thing I know, I’m on the guy.  I’m going nuts.  I’m not afraid of his gun.  I’m not Joe Biden anymore.

I slap him, punch him, beat him like crazy.  It was really brutal.  At some point, for some reason, despite the fact that even without being Joe Biden anymore, I’m still an endangered citizen and he’s still the terrorist, I start to feel sorry about how I’m treating him.  I stop beating him for a second and he just lies there, in the fetal position.

It was soon after that I came to.


~ by Anton A. Hill on November 6, 2008.

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