Interview with novelist Jeff Rivera

Jeff and I did this interview recently, but because I’m such a douche, it’s taken me a while to post it.  Sorry for the douchiness, Jeff!


Anton: You and me have known each other since we were both in the 3rd grade. Did you know even back then you would be a writer?
Jeff:  What I knew back then when we were little kids was that I loved to write. It came out naturally. I don’t think I even knew what writing was. It was just something that was like breathing to me. I think I called it telling stories. I think parents can look at their children now and even as early as back then my parents knew what my interests and passions were.
Anton: Why did you choose to write Forever My Lady first instead of something else?
Jeff: I think this story to me was screaming in my head to come out. I woke up thinking of nothing else. I felt like it absolutely must be told and I think when that happens to a writer you simply have to write about it.
Anton: This story deals a lot with love. Are you in love now? How were you able to write about it with such honesty?
Jeff: My friends would probably roll their eyes at me at the sight of this question. Always seems I’m in love with someone. In the moment there is someone I like a lot and would love to marry but not sure if they feel the same about me and I hate unknowing so I’ll just say, “No.” Talk to me next week and we could already be in divorce court, but I get to keep the kids! I think because I’ve been through romantic ups and downs it was hard going through but excellent for me as a writer.
Anton: What tips would you have for others who want to become novelists?
Jeff: I would say to get people you trust to read your writing, not your friends or family. No body cares that your Aunty Jenny thinks your book is great, they want to hear if someone who’s credible thinks it’s good.  And if enough people are consistently saying to change the same thing in your book seriously consider what they have to say.
Anton: Where can we pick up a copy of Forever My Lady?
Jeff: You can pick up a copy of Forever My Lady wherever books are sold, including and my website: 
Forever My Lady cover.  It's HOT!!

Forever My Lady cover. It's HOT!!

Jeff River cover.  He's HOT!!

Jeff Rivera cover. He's HOT!!


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 28, 2008.

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