German is evil

I’m doing major Tool therapy.  Tool has this awesome song that’s in German.  I don’t remember the title.  It’s got this heavy industrial-inspired beat with these very Nazi-esque sounding guys proclaiming some crazy shit.

Except it’s a recipe.

It’s like a recipe for cookies or something.  It’s sooo funny.  For those of us who don’t speak German (fluently) it really sounds like the Leader telling us to conquer the world.  But when you read a translation of the lyrics, it’s pretty straight-forward directions on how to make cookies.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

God damn I love Tool.  I thought years ago I’d fall out-of-lust with them.  But no.  I love them for all occasions.  Happy.  Sad.  Fuck-my-wonderful-wife’s-dead craziness.  Everything.

And they have great shows too.  The only shows I’ll see now are Tool shows.  And they don’t disappoint.  Unless you have no taste (I’m looking at YOU, Edward!).

Anyway, the post is done.  I just wanted to mock Edward for a sec.


~ by Anton A. Hill on October 9, 2008.

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