Just had a session

Therapy over the phone is kinda funny.  It seems like it feels the same as in-person, but it’s clearly not the same.  I’ve also noticed that I probably sound the same way I do when I talk to friends/famiy about difficult issues.  And as Eric pointed out years ago, I say “fuck” a lot.

Then again, as Ben pointed out years and years ago, “fuck” is really under-used.  He suggested we use it in new and different ways.  Like “fucktastic” and “fucklicious” and “fuckderful” or maybe even “fuckdiculous.”

So I made some good progress on Top Secret yesterday.  I find it odd that I get more work done at the hospital than in the privacy of my hotel room.  For some reason when I get to the hotel, all i want to do is watch the Daily Show, Colbert Report, and Everything Else.  I’ve even caught myself paying attention to some of the infomercials.  I often remind myself that with all this gobs of time, I should get more work done, especially when I’m alone in the hotel, and yet it very frequently doesn’t happen.

I kind of have to take that back.  The last room I was in, very late, or very early, I got a little bit done.

I need to shower and go but I’m so wiped.  Not exactly sleepy, but I tell ya, all I feel like doing is sitting in the crappy chair and watching the crappy TV.

Okay, I guess I have nothing further right now.  And it feels like I’m just typing to type so I guess I’ll post this thing.


~ by Anton A. Hill on September 19, 2008.

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