Finally getting work done

on a top-secret project I’ve been meaning to write for a while.  It’s actually not top-secret, I just haven’t told that many people about it.  And not for any good reason, just haven’t done it yet.  But this is currently an outline, maybe for a novel (I’m lookin’ at YOU, Jeff!).  The thing with me is I hate, hate, HATE writing first drafts.  Of anything.  Rewriting, I love, love, LOVE.  Like I just rewrote one of the scripts on the site, the investment, and it was SO much fun.  I even had to chop all this shitake I really liked, but chopping and revising felt so satisfying.  Now, drafting something new, ug.  So back-breaking.  And I mean that in a non-physical way.

I’ve also been watching Cast Away.  I both love and hate this movie.  It’s got a bunch of cool shitake about Billy Bob Hanks surviving on an island, but it’s also got such treacly tripe in other spots.

Well, anyway, now I’m just gonna ramble and I really don’t like to ramble, so off I go for awhile.


~ by Anton A. Hill on September 14, 2008.

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